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New Training "Center" (Garage)

In September 2020 my parents decided to move, and we are now living quite outside the city and very far from my club. I had to find a way to be able to train while still being conscious of my time management. Having a big garage, I was able to put an erg next to my car and an indoor bike. This was still not optimal, but lucky a month ago I found a gym not too far from my house that allowed me to go and lift weights before training. For the last one and a half years, I have trained every day of the week in my garage. It's not always easy not being able to see outside or to go on the water, but I am so grateful that I have Sarnen to look forward to every weekend. Lake Geneva is not the best to row on, so I haven't been on the water during the week in the last year.

All my kilometers have been on the erg these last few months. Winter can't be done fast enough. I have been working hard on my mental and this year I have found my balance between indoor and outdoor training by going out and getting vitamin D while running, rowing, hiking and finding small moments to enjoy the sun. I am very excited for racing to begin, but I must say this set up has helped me improve a lot.

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