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The art of competition

Meet the athlete 

I was born in the USA in 2001 to a French father and an American mother. During my childhood, I moved 14 times, exploring countries, cultures and everything in between. I was homeschooled for the majority of my childhood and it is at that time, at the age of 11, that I discovered the sport of rowing through my mother. Right away I set my eyes on the ultimate goal of becoming an Olympic medalist. Throughout all these changes, rowing became a stable constant in my life.

In 2014 my family moved to Switzerland and subsequently, in 2018 I joined the Swiss national rowing team. That same year I won my first gold international medal which was followed by several more

After graduating high school in Geneva in 2022, I started studying Human Biology at Stanford University in California and was recruited to join their rowing team. Additionally, I am part of the Swiss Olympic team and training full-time for the Olympics.

Currently, I am taking a gap year to pursue my Olympic aspirations. !

Past seasons 

2023 Season

World Cup 3, Bronze, W4x

World Championships, 4th, W4x

Olympic qualification spot 

Stanford University National Champions W8+


World Cup 2, Silver, W4x

World Championships 5th, W4x

2022 was my first year of elite level competition coming in 5th at the World Championships as well as winning a silver medal at World Cup 2 in Poznan, Polan


U23 World Champions Gold, W4x

U23 Vice-European Champions Silver, W4x

2021 was a great year. Summer 2021 we became World U23 Champions in Racice CZ, the same place where we meddled in 2018. 

Later that year, I became vice-Swiss champion in the elite women's single.


Junior World Championships 5th place, W4x

Swiss Champion Gold, JW1x

2019 Junior World Championships in Tokyo, 5th 

In October 2019, I had a bad bike accident that scared me for life 


Junior World Champion Gold,W4x

European Junior Championship Silver, W4x

In 2018, I joined the Junior Swiss Rowing Team. After committing many weekends and hours of train rides to the national team, my team and I become European vice-champions in May, World Champions in August, and then in October, we go on to win the Redbull XRow.

To start off the 2023 season Stanford University took home the national championship title, for the first time in 14 years. 2023 was a solid year for the Swiss team with a 3rd place finish at  World Cup 3, our home race of the year. We finished the season off with a 4th place finish at the World Championships and an Olympic qualification spot. 


What it takes

As you may have already figured out, I sweat, breathe and live for rowing. 

I train every day, all year long with my club and the Swiss team, and I don't ever miss a competition.

This can cost quite a lot at the end of the year, and I am conscious of it, that's why I am currently looking for sponsors. 


Your participation will contribute to paying for :

  • Trains tickets (Swiss team training are in Sarnen every and I live in Geneva)

  • Gas to be able to drive to my club and the Swiss Team as Covid is still very present and dangerous for athletes

  • Plane tickets (To go to the European Championship and to the Olympic Games)

  • Club, Swiss Team and competition fees

  • Healthy Food 

  • Sport clothes and accessories

  • Stroke coach

  • The new boat that I am renting is top quality for competition

If you want to help me reach my goal, you can either donate below directly through the website, or you can contact me to discuss other sponsorship options.

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