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For the Love of Competition

I was 11 when I went with my mom for the first time to the rowing club. I felt at home there, training, competing, being on the water early in the morning. My love for the sport was born.

For the past 10 years I practice rowing every day with the intent of always going further in my sport, which led me to some of my greatest dreams. 


In 2018, I joined the Junior Swiss Rowing Team. After months of 

arduous training, my team and I become European vice-champions in May, World Champions in August and then in October we go on to win the Redbull XRow.

2019 Junior World Championships in Tokyo, 5th 

2020, covid hit and damaged our season. Thankfully we had the European Championships that we got to compete at coming in just short of a medal, in 4th place. 


2021 was a great year. Having an incredible team, the same one as in 2020, we did amazing things together. Summer 2021 we became World U23 Champions in Racice CZ, the same place where we meddled in 2018. 

Later that year I became vice-swiss champion in the elite woman single. 

2022 was my first year of elite level competition coming in 5th at the World Championships as well as winning a silver medal at World Cup 2 in Poznan, Poland.

2023 has been off to a great start with a 3rd place finish at  World Cup 3, our home race of the year, as well as a fourth-place finish at World Cup 2. 

I love to hear about fellow rowers and their stories. Stay tuned to hear about mine!


As you may have already figured out, I sweat, breathe and live for rowing. 

I train every day, all year long with my club and the Swiss team, and I don't ever miss a competition.

This can cost quite a lot at the end of the year, and I am conscious of it, that's why I am currently looking for sponsors. 


Your participation will contribute to pay for :

  • Trains tickets (Swiss team training are in Sarnen every and I live in Geneva)

  • Gas to be able to drive to my club and the Swiss Team as Covid is still very present and dangerous for athletes

  • Plane tickets (To go to the European Championship  and to the World Championship )

  • Club, Swiss Team and competition fees

  • Healthy Food 

  • Sport clothes and accessories

  • Strokecoach

  • My new boat that I am renting that is top quality for competition

If you want to help me reach my goal, you can either donate below directly through the website, or you can contact me to discuss other sponsorship options.

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